The charts below show us significant

inner world imagery 

Similar to a thumbprint, a one-of-a-kind blueprint, it is a unique snapshot of universal, uncharted waters...  

Introspective exploration through the technique of astrology can be more than just interesting. I see the analysis of a birth chart as a tool, as necessary equipment for self-discovery. By researching our personal energy, we become interactive in our lives in a new way; we no longer sit on the sidelines to let external forces control the quality of our presence. 

Each map comprises personal and transpersonal planets that offer clear insight into what makes us tick the way we do. As an intuitive astrologer, I see elemental patterns that keep us locked into various modes of behavior that may be outdated. From this point of attention, I offer an exercise, or a series of exercises, based on the subject-centric questions that you will prepare before we meet. This method gives us the opportunity to focus on one aspect alone. Consistent practice of the given exercise makes room for your personal existential expression.

Essentially, we divert inappropriate attention.

Synastry Analysis

A synastry map is the superimposition of one natal chart onto another. Using the following map as an example, we can see how the energies mix. The aspects, planetary placement, houses, and mutual reception are affected by Other. FFM&H offer exercises for any two individuals to manage their interaction, to sedate excess elemental energies and thereby tonify what is lacking or forgotten. No jargon, just simple relation to the elements.

Let's say the monthly transit of the moon affects a challenging aspect in a romantic couple's chart. Each month, they spiral into a fight-silence&make-up-mode that drains them both.

Working with their subjective water elements can alleviate the pressure! A basic exercise, to engage in separate activities (AIR) during the few days of the lunar transit, removes potential emotional drowning (WATER) and keeps the couple grounded in their individuality (EARTH). Communication (FIRE) is free again once the transit has passed. No boiling tempers—no negative codependent cycle—no mud!

So simple. So effective.

Relocation Analysis

This is by far one of coolest tools Astrodienst offers. One is able to produce a map based on your natal data for your birth city and a second location. Where are you best aligned? The answer to this question depends on your goal in life. Spiritual | Professional | Traditional—your location will differ.

How many of us have explored authentically the option to work in tandem with the earth's energies? Now's your chance. Rewrite your geographical destiny. 

By selecting an astrocartographical chart, you do not need to relocate. You can look for ideal vacation destinations, business outlets, cultural study, or, OK, go ahead and move if you must! The beauty of this chart is in the permission it grants you to experience your own life check list! Explore... see how you respond.

Acting on your magnetic energy center could change your whole being into a ball of luminescent joy ;)

There may be greater issues afoot, and, whichever chart you choose, astrology is a practical and immediate tool allowing you to be interactive in your relationship to others and the world with a less subjective perspective. It can help tremendously!

fish feather match & howl would love to help you revise your business, family, or solo presence. Please check out our various services for balancing the elements on the Astrological Charts page.





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